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Hi Friends,

Tee's Sweet Treats was born out of a love for making people happy through baking. That happiness is rooted from baking {and eating) the desserts made with my best friend, my Grandma right here in Atlanta, Georgia. Seeing you enjoy our cakes, cupcakes and cheesecakes today would have made her very happy. 

We make our desserts in classic, gluten free and plant-based varieties that are either alcohol-infused or non-alcohol infused. As we venture out and share our desserts with more and more people, the reaction have been nothing short of amazing. And we will continue to do even more.


At Tee’s Sweet Treats, our mission is to provide a delicious, unique and high quality experience through our desserts. Because of this, we take special care to introduce new items to the menu. This is to ensure that everything we do will provide you with that 'stop in your tracks', 'eye-rolling', 'got to have more' experience and nothing less. It would be an honor for us to create this experience for you.